How I learned English for traveling?

In summer 2010, I decided to organise a trip to improve my English speaking skills and have fun at the same time. I thought that going to school wasn’t a good idea. But having lessons at the teacher’s home, yes, it would be efficient.

I choose this school: InTuition Langages. After 2 weeks of exchanges with it, I had the name of my English teacher and the name of the town Bournemouth (South of England, UK). I couldn’t have expected much better. It was a wonderful total immersion experience. I went there again in 2011.

In 2012, before rafting 2 weeks in the Grand Canyon with only English native speakers, I spent 2 weeks with another teacher of InTuition Langage at San Francisco. It was another exciting aventure.

Then I went to New Zealand in 2014 with my nephew at the Rotorua English Language Academy. It was more traditional lessons in small groups. The most exiting part of these training was to met students from different countries in the world: Taiwan, China, Japan and of course to spend lot of time with our wonderful hosts, Toni and Brian and there two children.

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