Kayaking in Provence

Around Aix-en-Provence, there are many places to go sea kayaking.

Etang de Berre, near St Chamas to begin the season or when the Mistral is blowing.

Etang de Berre : Saint Chamas / Istres

Etang de Berre : Baie de Saint Chamas

Enjoy the Verdon lakes : Quinson, Esparron and Sainte Croix.

Gorges du Verdon : Quinson

Gorges du Verdon : Lac de Saint Croix

Gorges du Verdon : Esparron

Discover the coast by the sea side : La Ciotat, The Calanques between Marseille and Cassis, The Blue Coast between Martigues and Marseille.

La Ciotat

Calanque de Marseille : Sormiou

Côte Bleue : Mejean-Moulon

Côte Bleue : Cap Mejean

Côte Bleue : La Redonne

Côte Bleue : Sausset

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